March 2017 Results

Conditions: Held at South Beach in moderate 2-4ft swell with punchy lefts and rights
Cadets Women Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Cam Teah Tane Mike Savage Timmy
 2nd Kyan Sienna Seb Jody Asher
 3rd Ed Donna Jayke Nathan Raff
 4th Jett Peanut Dane Scotty Savvy
5th Sunny Elva Paul Ross




Zahli Kelly claims second title in a month

Zahli Kelly

Cabarita surfer Zahli Kelly on her way to claiming a Subway Junior pro title at Avoca Beach.

A CABARITA teenager has claimed a second surfing title in as many events after taking out the third leg of the Subway Junior Pro at Avoca Beach yesterday.

After claiming the NIB Pro Junior in Newcastle in February, teen sensation Zahli Kelly, 13, kept her strong run going with the victory, which rockets her to the top Junior Qualifying Series (JQS).

In an all Tweed final, Kelly managed to edge in front of perennial Pro Junior threat Alyssa Lock with a two-wave heat total of 8.10 to secure the women’s title in tough conditions.

“It was pumping earlier, but it unfortunately got really difficult in that final,” Kelly said.

“I tried to wait for a good wave but it didn’t really come.”

After securing the title, Kelly said she would set her sights on the world stage.

“I didn’t set the goal of making the World Juniors originally, but now that I’m on top of the ratings, I hope I can qualify for the event,” she said.

Lock put up a valiant fight, but was unable to find the 3.86 wave score she needed in the wave starved final.

Final Results 2016

Presentations 2016

Place Open 2016   Place Juniors 2016   Place Women 2016   Place Cadets   Place Over 35′s
1st Raff 1st Jai Ross 1st Peanut 1st Seb 1st Dan Smith
2nd Dan Sinclair 2nd Tanner M 2nd Teah 2nd Kyan 2nd Mudgee
3rd Simmo 3rd Dane Pullinger 3rd Brodi 3rd Cam 3rd Paul Ross
4th Spud Norman 4th Tane 4th Lisa 4th Ed 4th Jodi
Surfer of the Year
Jai Ross
Club Member of the Year
Scott Hannah
Life Member
Matty Hurworth
Best Result Outside of Club
Zahli Kelly
Best Team Result
Aust Boardriders Battle team


August 2016 Results

Conditions: Held at Main Beach in 2-4ft punchy beach break with occasional barrels and hittable walls.
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Zahli Zahli Jai Ralph Dan Sinc
 2nd Cam Lisa Tanner Mike Savage Raff
 3rd Jordo Peanut Dane Paul Savvy
 4th Kyan Donna Seb Luke Simmo
5th Sam Brodi Zahli Mudgee Todd
6th Jet Ethan K Scotty Damo




July 2016 Results

Conditions: Held at Main Beach in small waves , slight winds with bacon and egg sambos
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Kyan Brittaney Tanner Jody Raff
 2nd Cam Teah Jai Scott H Tanner
 3rd Ed Siala Kenta Mudgee Israel
 4th Parker Peanut (Jonelle) Dane Jason C Sasha
5th Donna M  Simmo
6th Brodi


Britt ,Donna, Teah, Siala and Peanut (Brodi missing in photo)


May 2016 Results

Conditions: Great weather with left and right wedges at Southies 1-2 foot.  Micro Groms had 55 competitors in perfect waves , big day for Sasha and all the Parents involved
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Kyan Brittani Dane P Mudgee Sasha
 2nd Ed Teah Tane Dan Smith Josh
 3rd Jet K Sienna Jayke Scott H Simmo
 4th Peanut (Jonelle) Jai Paul Ross Spud
5th Brodi C John Mason


April 2016 Results

Conditions: Great weather with left and right wedges at Southies 1-2 foot.  Micro Groms had 55 competitors in perfect waves , big day for Sasha and all the Parents involved
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Seb Teah Jai Dan Smith Raff
 2nd Jordan Siala Tanner John M Dano
 3rd Ed Sienna M Tane Scott H Timmy
 4th Brodi Peanut (Jonelle) Dane Mudgee Israel
5th Brodi C Nick Jay C Matt H
6th Cam Nathan Spud


March 2016 Results

Conditions: Surfed in the Cove in Messy but contestable 2-3 foot, Rained out in final rounds.

Completed before April round at Southies.
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Seb Brittney N Dane Mudgee Dan S
 2nd Cam Teah Tanner John M Ryan
 3rd Jet Peanut (Jonelle) Jai Jody Y Israel
 4th Lisa Seb Paul R Raff
5th Dan Smith Simmo
6th Brett I



February 2016 Results

Conditions: Good, clean, 2-3 foot in the cove
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Seb Brittney N Tanner John M Chippa
 2nd Cam Sienna Marshall Dane P Paul R Tanner
 3rd Siala Teah  VW Jai Nathan H Ryan
 4th Brodi C Peanut (Jonelle) Jayke Richo Dan Sinco




2015 Presso Night

Presenting!!! 2015 Presso Night!

Date:  Saturday December 12th 2015
Venue: Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club

Conditions:  2 to 6 feet, Inland breeze and soggy conditions on the green
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st Jayke M Jacinta Israel Sasha Stocker
 2nd Cam Brodi C Jai Mick O’Raff
 3rd Jett Siala Tanner Israel Phillips
 4th Brodi C Jasmine Christian Tanner Mason
Over 35′s Old Boys
1st Jay Cook John
2nd Mudgee Paul
3rd Jodi Yeaman Richo
4th Dan Smith Kelvin
 Surfer Of The Year
Israel Phillips Most Improved  Zane Marshall
Encouragment award: Christian Medcraft
Club person of the year : John Mason
Best result outside the club : Sophia Fulton
Best Team result : Australian Boardriders Battle at Yamba:
Chippa Wilson, Brent Savage, Josh Fuller, Jason Jameson, Damo Norman, Sophia Fulton

Chippa’s Big Bang 2015 Results

Open Womens Open Mens
 1st Quinn Bruce Macey Callaghan Ethan Ewing
 2nd Zac Wightman Alyssa Lock Lincoln Taylor
 3rd Ethan Ewing Sophia Fulton Jason Jameson
 4th Noah Cooney Kylie Webb Mitch Parkinson


In its 3rd Year running the Caba Big Bang Event completely exceeded expectations for 2015. Great ongoing support by Chris “Chippa” Wilson and the backing of Chippas Sponsors has helped the event grow into a very elite surf event and with an Honor Roll of past winners who have gone onto test their skills on the World Tour our 2015 event showcased the absolute cream of the crop Open and Junior Men’s surfers in Australia!

We had some international surfers compete this year Marthen Pagliorini Brazil, Stuart Campbell UK Ren Hashimoto JPN Marie Moana ,Reunion Island .  Also added the Open Womens Division which saw 16 surfers compete for $1000 in prize money.

Junior Men took to the water for the first final and with the Headland lining up perfectly on the lower tide, the guys just went at it trading waves and racking up some solid excellent rides, in the end it was Quinn Bruce who would come away with the win and pocket $2000 cash ahead of 2nd Zac Wightman, 3rd Ethan Ewing and 4th Noah Cooney.

The calibre of surfing in the Open Women’s final with girls currently competing on the WQS, national junior titles and experience of ex Pro Surfer and Caba Local Kylie Webb, really had a sea-saw battle unfold but it would be Macey Callaghan who would walk away with the $1000 cash ahead of 2nd Alyssa Lock 3rd Sophia Fulton 4th Kylie Webb

Great mixture of surfers made up the Open Men’s final and it was always going to be an explosive show of Big Turns and solid airs, after all the boys were here to “Show up and Blow up” and with $5000 cash for the winner the guys didn’t disappoint, backing up after the Junior Final and most likely surfing at least 6 heats on the Sunday North Straddie ripper Ethan Ewing would do enough to take the cash and also knock off fellow Club Member Lincoln Taylor in 2nd , Caba Local Jason Jameson in 3rd and Snapper Rocks ripper and 2014 Caba Big Bang Winner Mitch Parkinson in 4th. Mitch also Won the Best Air a massive rotation reverse and took home $500 and a Nixon watch for his efforts

Events like the Big Bang don’t come together with out a heap of work from a lot of dedicated Caba Board riders members and it was great seeing all the club down there over the weekend supporting and helping out, thanks to all involved in the 2015 event.

November 2015 Results

ConditionsHeld at the Cove in 2-3 ft clean but tricky waves with a great turnout enduring some intense rain in the final heats.
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Jayke Sophia Jai Paul R Damo
 2nd Seb Teah Izzy Dan Smith Jason J
 3rd Tane Siala Tanner Jody Y Spud
 4th Cam Brodi Teah Jay C Brent S
 5th Jayke Fordy
 6th Harrison SashaS



October 2015 Results

Conditions: Held at the ‘cove’ with clean and fun 2-3 foot waves until turning bumpy with on-shore conditions at the end of a great and busy day.
Micro Groms Mini Groms Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Sunny Parker Seb Brodi C Israel Mudgee Dano
 2nd Oscar Hunter Tane Jacinta Jai John M Simmo
 3rd Nav Indie Cam Siala Zane Paul Spudo
 4th Coen Jack Siala Tanner Jody Raffo
 5th Estelle Marley Ben Jay C
 6th Pearl & Rubin Oscar


September 2015 Results

Conditions:Cove at its ‘Father’s Day’ best!  Waves 2-3 ft, including the ‘snake, etc’! Great day and great surfing.  “Happy Father’s Day!!”
Micros Cadets Girls Juniors Over 30′s Opens
 1st Ed Jayke Jacinta Jai Paul Ross Dan S
 2nd Parker Tane Brodi C Zane Jody Yeaman Matty Hurworth
 3rd Jack Keowne Siala Jayke Dan Smith Izzy
 4th Hunter & Indie Cam Ben Tanner
 5th Nav
 6th Stella


Sept 2015Results

June 2015 Results

Conditions: AWESOME later in the day   (Please send your photos :-)
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 35′s Opens
 1st Jayke Jazz Izzy Ralph Sasha
 2nd Dane P Jasmine Tanner Jay C Raff
 3rd Cam Brodi C Christian Brett Todd
 4th Jett Blake H Dan S Izzy
 5th Brodi C Jayke Jodie Ashee


May 2015 Results

Conditions:  Held at back beach.
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st Dane P Jacinta Jai Chippa (Wild Card)
 2nd Jayke Teah Tanner Simmo
 3rd Cam Brodi C Izzy Tanner
 4th Jett Christian Raff
 5th Brodi C Dane Sasha
 6th Brody Izzy


March 2015 Results

Conditions:  Held at southies in 1-2 foot favourable conditions in the early rounds, deteriorating on bottom of the tide. Great Micro groms turn up with lots of good waves enjoyed.
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st Jayke Sophia Harrison Raff
 2nd Cam Jacinta Izzy Adam
 3rd Dane P Jasmine Tanner Israel
 4th Keowne Teah Jai Chicka
 5th Levi Blake N


February 2015 Results

Conditions:  Main beach, offshore 2 foot, turning onshore later, great conditions all day, everyone stoked.
Cadets Girls Juniors Over 30 Opens Opens
 1st Dane P Jasmine Izzy Ralph P Timmy
 2nd Cam Jacinta Blake N Mudgee Raff
 3rd Keowne Teah Brody P Jody Fordy
 4th Jayke Peanut Tanner Jay Cook Savage
 5th Brodi C Chelsea John Mason Spud
 6th Lillian Kelvin


2014 Presentation Night

Presenting!!! 2014 Presso Night!

Date:  Saturday December 13th 2014
Venue: Cabarita Beach SLSC
Watch out for:  Christmas Crazy Hair and Great Surfers - Gallery below

Conditions:  5 – 6 feet, Heavy at the bar, Dodgy on the stories
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens Over 49′s
 1st 66200 Jake M 59000 Jacinta G 69000 Dan S 59300 Sasha Stocker 18000 Ricko
 2nd 50300 Dane P 48300 Sienna M 67700 Izzy 57900 Raff 15800 Swarto
 3rd 43900 Cameron 46000 Chelsea 56700 Jai R 47700 Ramsey 13800 Anthony
 4th 40200 Levi Y 40500 Hayley J 42775 Liam B 41775 Simmo 11400 Kenny
 5th 34000 Brodie C 32037 Brodie C 39837 Zane M 40537 Matt Hurworth 6500 Mick Savage
 6th 33900 Blake N 25800 Peanut 37901 Dane P 40537 Dan Sinclair 5200 Taliban
 Surfer Of The Year
109537 Dan S


Australian Boardriders Battle – Yamba

The standout surfer for Caba was Josh Fuller in the Skins event with a single wave score of 9.50, however we couldn’t outperform some higher-ranked on the day, but still managed to come fifth overall after being knocked in the semi-finals.

Great support and surfing by all those who made the trip to Yamba:  Josh, Raff, Simmo and Nav, Adam, Linda and Dan, Dale and Jacinta, and Spud and Donna

See Full story here

Josh winning a Skins heat


Pippie’s Beach YambaEventSite_ABBNorth_Smith9701

Straddie Assault – Caba Crew

Straddie Assault 2014 – 30th Year - First Video below!!  More to come!

Hi to all the Caba Crew.

With the surf close to pumping on the Friday and our crew getting their share of tube time, we all settled in for a big feed, cooked and dished up by Caba’s finest chefs before settling in for the night, hoping for the same conditions over the weekend.

The Caba team which included Chicka, Sasha, Fuller, Dan, Jacinta, Israel, Fordy, Ben and Jayke, awoke to be greeted with south-east winds and junky surf… Bit of a let down but that’s what we all had to deal with.

Our team struggled on the Saturday with a bunch of 2nd placings and a few 3rds, but a great effort by all as the surf was real junk for the whole day.

Sunday was the Pairs event and Caba had a great team combination of Josh and Dan, who surfed their way into the semi-finals, but unfortunately got knocked out by an in-form LEBA.

So in the end Caba finished 9th in the Teams and equal 3rd in the Pairs, bringing home $600 in prize money for the Club.

Big thank you to all who surfed and many thanks to Caba’s support/pit crew.

Let’s go get’m at the Boardrider’s Battle next month at Yamba.

Cheers, Chikka

PS Submit YOUR photos and videos here

October 2014 Results

Conditions:  Strong off shore, 3-4 foot, no sweep.
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st Dane P Jacinta  Dan S Josh F
 2nd Blake N Brodi C Jai R Sasha
 3rd Levi Y Sienna M Liam B Matt H
 4th Ben W Spud
 5th Izzy Joel F
 6th Dane P Izzy

September 2014 Results

Conditions:  2 – 3 foot, light on shore, sweepy at the point
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st Dane P Jacinta Zane Dan S
 2nd Blake N Sienna M Izzy Adam
 3rd Jayke Chelsea A Blake N Christian
 4th Tully Brody P Raff
 5th Jayke Matt H

July 2014 Results

Conditions: Contest was held in small conditions off soft rock Cabarita 
Cadets Girls Juniors Opens
 1st  Jayke  Jacinta Jayke Sasha
 2nd  Micah  Hayley Dan Simmo
 3rd  Blake  Siala Jai Raff
 4th  Dane P  Jorja Maddy J Adam R
 5th  Sienna Christian M Chicka
 6th  Brodi Micah Matt B

June 2014 Results

Conditions: Contest was at south side caba in beautiful 2-3ft conditions 
Opens Juniors Cadets Girls Over 40′s Over 49′s
1st Mick O Raff Dan Sinclair Dan P Chelsea A Sasha S Ricko
2nd Sasha S Israel P Jayke M Hayley J Chicka Toni Fredo
3rd Yuta Jai R Cameron I Brodi C Matt H K wilson
4th Dan S Liam B Brodi C Ebony A Scott H Swarto
5th Chicka Blake N
6th Israel P

2014 Chippa Wilsons BIG BANG

Conditions:  Day 1 Bumpy contestable 2ft waves on the southside of Norries Headland, Day 2 Spectacular glassy 2-3 foot peeling right hand point break at the Cove (northside)
Opens Juniors Highest Heat Total: Jnrs
Highest Heat Total: Opens Biggest Air  
 1st Mitch Parkinson  Jake Snellgrove Kai Hing Ice Periera Ryan Hayden Cervi
 2nd Corey Ziems  Sheldon Simkus
 3rd Andrew Mooney  Aeron Thomas
 4th Steve Powell  Kye Healey


The 2014 Chippa Wilsons BIG BANG was held over two days at the beautiful Cabarita Beach on Northern New South Wales and was everything it was expected to be.

Please Read More :-)

May 2014 Results

Conditions: Contest was held in Fun 2Ft beach breaks, untill the storm hit!
Opens Juniors Cadets Girls Over 40′s Over 49′s
1st Israel P Dane P Sienna M
2nd Dane P Blake N Chelsea A
3rd Jai Ross Jasper O Jacinta G
4th Christian M Levi Y Teah V
5th Dan S Jayke M Hayley J
6th Blake H Chongy J Brodi C

April 2014 Results

Opens Juniors Cadets Girls Over 40′s Over 49′s
1st Mick O’Raff Israel P Peanut
2nd Yuta Liam B Hayley J
3rd Jason J Dan S Jacinta G
4th Adam Ramsey Cristian M Jorsa H
5th Sasha S Chelsea A

March 2014 Results

Conditions: Contest was held at palm Ave beach break in 2ft fun conditions
Opens Juniors Cadets Girls Over 40′s Over 49′s
1st Adam Ramsey Dan Sinclair Sienna Marshall Peanut Matt Hurworth Ricko
2nd Andrew Mooney Jai Ross Cameron Idle Jacinta Jodi yamen Toni Fredo
3rd Simmo Israel phillips Jayke Mellows Teah V Toni Fredo K wilson
4th Spud Norman Liam brett Sienna Marshall Chicka Swarto
5th Matt Hurworth Jacinta G Ebony Aston
6th Mick O’Raff Kendra Fitzy

February 2014 Results

Conditions: Contest was held at Cabarita point in slow but contestable 2-3Ft East wind swell
Opens Juniors Cadets Girls Over 40′s Over 49′s
 1st Simmo Israel Phillips Jake Mellows Sienna M Swarto
 2nd Matt Hurdy Dan Sinclair Sienna M Jacinta G Ricko
 3rd Spud N Owen Fredo Levi Yoman Teah V Mick Savage
 4th Sasha S Jacinta G Billy Porter Peanut A Fredo
 5th Adam R Liam Brett Chelsea Taliban
 6th Mick O’Raff Brodi P Lilly Kelvin Wilson

Final Results 2013

Cadets Juniors Open A Girls Over 49′s
 1st  Blake Horsey  Dan Sinclair  Spud N Jacinta G  Ken V
 2nd  Jai Ross  Israel Phillips  Mick O Raff Teah V  Tony Fredo
 3rd  Jake Mellows  Jacinta G  Simmo  Hayley  Ricko
 4th  Brodi Cook Jai Ross  Israel Phillips  Sienna Marshall  Kelvin Wilson