Cabarita Beach is situated in a town called Bogangar,  between Tweed Heads in the north and Byron Bay in the south.

2016 Committee


The first photos taken of Norries Head were in 1880 and already show the attraction of horse-drawn carriages of visitors who can’t keep their eyes off the ocean. The first attempt to develop a board riding club in ‘Caba’ was in 1985 when young local surfers, Scott (Chicka) King, Brian Davies and Dean and Scott Rottumah approached local surfing identity Ross Marshall while he was having a quiet beer on his dads verandah, about starting a board riders club.  The answer was “Yeah, no worries boys”.

caba bdriders history

The history of the club is told through its people

Values and Objectives: Family friendly, fun surf environment focused on developing kids social skills, while giving them a competitive surf environment to flourish in and bring other clubs together.  Breaking down barriers and encouraging inter club involvement are part of the major focus of the club. Committee members are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for all and have garnered a huge amount of  support for the club through its various raffles, official sponsors and and other support like barbecues and refreshments for its members.

Andy Irons with local Caba kids

Andy Irons with local Caba kids

Richo and Kelvin up to tricks

Richo and Kelvin up to tricks 

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